Monday, 13 October 2014

Meet My Pets

Hello Lovelies

I thought i share with you all my wonderful pets...  Infact scrap that my pain in the neck animals that live in my house.
Have you ever tried to write a blog post with a cat sprawled across your arms or even tried to get comfy in bed while sharing it with your partner, 2 dogs and then a cat wanting to get some space too.. No  well welcome to my mad house.

First up here is my little kitty Floyd well not so little anymore.  He is full of mischief and never takes a telling off ive even bought a spray bottle to teach him to stay away from cables but even that doesn’t deter him so if you have any tips let me know.

 Floyd is 3 years old and an indoor cat he loves Felix cat meat and Webbox biscuits and loves chasing after his little toy mouse.  Don't leave cables near him cause one chew and they are gone. 

Next is the 2 pouches..  Frankie and Benson or Bennie for short.

Frankie is an Irish Staffie and is pure white..  The hair is terrible i think i have more of his hair on my clothes than he has on him.  Lint rollers are a must around him.  He is 5 and will chase anything that passes.

Benson is a Staffordshire terrier and he is 14 so mega old.  He has the grey hair round his wee face to prove it.  He likes to sleep all day and all night but has to be on our bed.

I always said when i moved into a place of my own that i would never have any pets then i got Floyd and wouldn't be without him.  Then when my boyfriend moved in with me along came the other 2 to complete our little family of pets.

 Do you have any pets.  Would love you to Share your pets in a post.

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  1. Your pets are adorable! I love seeing other people's pets on their blog, I posted about mine a few months ago, it's here if you want to see it:


    1. Awe thanks Kelly.. they are a handful but wouldnt change them, maybe just need a bigger bed lol..

      Will check out ur post now :) thanks for sharing.


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