Monday, 17 November 2014

Getting My Asda Bronzer On


Ever go food shopping and come home with everything apart from shopping??  Yeah well that was me last Saturday.  It was wet and miserable and i thought nothing better than to go do my weekly shop at my local Asda.  They aren’t the biggest store but they do hold a wide range of things other than groceries.

I bought Candles, Cutlery, Dog toys, Nail polish, Make up, some clothes ohh and i did manage to pick up a packet of Salt & Vinegar Crisps which was the only food item i bought.
Successful?.... id say so.

Included in this trip i bought this bronzer from the George range and at first glance i loved the colour, i loved that it had sparkle in it and the fact it said Queen bee made me buy it even more.

I love the colour it works well as a contour even with a little sparkle.  Because it is a little dark for my skin i cant quite get away with it as a bronzer that is until i have tanned then i will give it a proper go, However they do come in different shades and without the sparkle so there is something for most people.

I love finding supermarket bargains and this little beaut was around £4.00 which is really affordable.  Some make up has a distinctive smell and i don't know if because this contains honey, that it smells really nice.  I wont try and describe it as it wouldn't do it justice, but if ever your browsing your local Asda then check them out.

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  1. Will definitely pick this up - such a bargain.

    Paige x
    Skin & Roses

    1. It readlly is paige and smells amazing :) xx

  2. It looks very great - loving this colour and sparkles, and I'm surprised that it's with honey - I bet they smell divine. I will check it out once I'm in Asda - always finding great products there at very good prices!


    1. It really does smell divine.. and its nice with a bit of sparkle in it too.. xx

  3. It does look pretty but i prefer my bodyshop honey bronzer as its matte and got no shimmer x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Ive always wanted to try the body shop one will need to pick it up and try it.. xx


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