Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review | Drop Dead Chocolates*


who doesn't like to have a little treat now and again and with Christmas only a hop, skip and a jump away i thought what better way to indulge than with some tasty treats.

Drop Dead Chocolates was a brand i came across on twitter.  Id seen numerous tweets from others so decided to have a little look.  I always love seeing brands engaging with people on twitter and trying to get noticed and that's exactly what Jonathan does.  I always like to Re tweet his tweets across my followers to show off what products he has or whats happening.  Its good to share my mum always told me.

Jonathan then Kindly sent over some chocolates for me to try.    

Letterbox friendly...  This is a genius idea i love the fact i don't need to be in to get the parcel but at the same time don't need to wait till the next day or a convenient time to go get it this is awesome.

The chocolates were really luxurious and full of flavour i really couldn't fault them.  The Chocolate even tasted luxurious and i just knew i didn't want to share them, However my partner did scoff a few before i even got to picture them.  How rude of him doesn't he know blogger rules...  PICTURE FIRST.  

If your looking for good quality affordable Chocolates then give them a follow on Twitter and check out there Website 

Pssssst they also do Macarons.

Whats your Favourite kind of Chocolate?

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  1. oo These sound lovely! I need to check them out xx
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Aaaaah these do look rather yummy! I personally love gourmet chocolates so this is right up my street anything truffle or cream filled just makes me so happy :) xxxx


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