Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review | Getting my JAM* on


Ever have to fight your cat away from stealing your headphones cause he wants to chew the cable??  No must just be my cat then.

So when Jam Audio got in touch about a review opportunity i jumped at the chance.  Anything that stops my cat chewing a cable is a bonus.  Today im showing off my JAMS..  These are wireless bluetooth headphones and have been my Savior from above cat.

The headphones fit round my ears nicely and don't squash them or fall off my head.  The sound quality is good and really clear.  They were easy to set and as they are delivered fully charged i could use them right away, which is great because when you get something you want to test it out,  How annoying is it when you get a new phone and have to wait for it to charge  ARRGGHH..  Well Done JAM fully loaded headphones is best.  

The battery life lasts pretty long.  I use these every night as i have totally different viewing tastes to my partner and watch alot of tv online so these are perfect.  

I must admit thought watching The Bill one afternoon and nipped to the loo only to forget i had them on and next thing you know there's a gun fight and i almost fell off the toilet with a fright.  

Id recommend these to anyone who uses headphones alot they are just really practical so your not stuck in the same spot connected to your device it gives you freedom from cables.

Whats your Favourite TV show?

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