Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sharing Sunday #1


Everyone has a series running on there blog and i was regularly competing my Monday Mani series but work took over and life took over it was hard to keep on top of it.  I now have my stuff together and wanted to start my own little Sunday series.  So i bring you Sharing Sunday...

Sharing Sunday can be about anything Sharing a picture or a memory, Sharing my favourite film or just sharing a little thought for the day.  I thought it was a nice light hearted but fun post for a Sunday.

So today's Sharing Sunday brings you An extremely old photo of me ( I was 13).  I was browsing through a box my mum gave me a while back of all my old school stuff WOW is all i can say about that. 

There is no words to describe this photo.  That hat i think i wore to death it was black velvet and i attached the flower myself as i thought it was "cooler" ohh how wrong was i.  And this was way before straighteners or even ironing your hair was a thing...

Did you ever Iron your hair?

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