Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tag | Two Truths and a Lie


Every time I've started a new job we have always played this little game.  I guess it kind of gives you a little bit about the person and it also gets you thinking and talking to others.  In the blogging community its all about sharing and networking with each other so i thought id bring a little fun to the blog and gives us a chance for a natter and some fun facts on each other.

So Here are my Three Facts.....   remember only Two of them are true!

  • I was once part of a Scottish swimming team and competed in Championship swim meets.
  • In 2000 I traveled around New Zealand with family to see the sights and the culture.
  • I had 2 car crashes in a short period of time and stopped driving for over 3 years. 

 I would love to know what your guess is so please leave a comment!

I Tag : 
          Hayley from      Water Painted Dreams
          Beth from        Beth Tinkerbell
          Genna from      Lipstick Crushes
          Shona from      Shona Louise
          Nicole from       Coco Made Her Do It
          Vicky from       The Curved Opinion
          Charlotte from  Colours and Carousels

I would love for you all to do this tag and share it with me.  I love finding out about people and its a bit of light hearted fun.   Go on you know you want to..!

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