Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year


Happy New Year and welcome to 2015. 

2014 was an up and down year for me with so mmany ups but a lot of downs to go along the ride. 

I always make new year resolutions but never keep them so this year i made none. 

Ive had a bit of an issue with my blog well the blog host to be exact,  something to do with missing links and deleted coding, which i never changed or touched i think they were just fobbing me off but its fixed and i can post again.

I have a lot of posts scheduled that didnt go live when they were ment to but for some reason im now having a battle to try get the dates changed to get them live, there is some really cool things i want to show you so keep your eyes peeled.

If anyone knows how to make a scheduled post go live when the schedule option isnt there id be grateful lol otherwise its going to be alot of copy & paste.

Anyway i hope you have started off the year on a good note and are energized and motivated for 2015.

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