Thursday, 11 August 2016

Forgotten what i Look Like...


Well its been a very long time since i put my head into blogging.  I have had a very lot going on in my life its been like a whirlwind.  I wont bore you all with the details of my chronic back pain or getting stuck into setting up a new business but you get the drift.

I have been suffering alot recently with trying to find who i am.  what i want from my life and what i want to achieve.

Ive read loads of insperational blogs lately discussing topics of life goals and how to achieve them and have started to think of my own and what i realistically want to achieve.  Have you ever sat and really thought about where your life is going?

If you have any posts on how to find yourself then please link them below as im always on the hunt for a good read.

Anyway im currently making up a schedule for my blog and while get back to regular blogging real soon.  I will leave you all with the 3 most difficult things in the world to do.

     1.  You cant count your hair??    
     2.  You cant wash your eyes with soap??
     3.  You cant breathe while your tongue is out??? ......  
Please put your tongue back in...
I joke but in all seriousness im ready to get back into the swings and have a few posts already lined up.

I love reading your comments so please leave them below and let me know what new lippys your loving?

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